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The Knights of Columbus began in 1882, when Father McGivney and a small group of pioneering Catholics founded a society designed to provide much needed security for widows and orphans of Catholic parishioners. The original idea grew quickly, becoming an order of Catholic men and their families, dedicated to promoting the concepts of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. Today There are more than a million and a half members in over 12,500 local councils around the world.

Over the years the Knights of Columbus has become a diverse organization. Its members belong to many races. They speak many languages. But, like in any large family, their common bonds provide strength and their diversity is an asset in searching for ways to make every day better and they work hard to make it happen.

What can you expect to learn about the Knights of Columbus family? Plenty.

Family is paramount in the Knights of Columbus. All Knights of Columbus programs allow families to work together, involving everyone to aid their Church, their community and one another. Knights help the church. Making sure the Catholic Church remains vigorous and undiminished is one of the primary missions of the Knights of Columbus.

Knights and their families don't believe in sitting idly and just watch life pass by.
Knights feed the hungry and help shelter the homeless. They help senior citizens remain
healthy and active. They conduct blood drives and fight to protect the right to life of all

The challenge to become involved has never been greater. The search for solutions has never been more necessary. What's missing is YOU and your family. If you are a practicing Catholic man at least 18 years old, the Knights of Columbus may be just what you've been searching for. You can become as involved as you wish. Just remember that the Knights offer an opportunity for fellowship with people who share the same beliefs, and who recognize the same duty to God, to family, and to folks down the block and across the sea.

In our local council, we work very hard to assist the community.  Our work involves, but is not limited to helping Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Catholic Charities, Camp New Hope and local seminarians.  We provide both financial and physical assistance to our parochial school as well as the church.  Members of our council are involved in all aspects of the church community and you can find our members in many leadership roles both in the church and in the community as a whole.

We ask you to accept the invitation from one of our members and learn more about us and what
we do.  

A past Grand Knight and his Daughter helping to raise money for the CAC


Our Member participate in many community events.

Lenten Fish Fry


Every Friday in Lent!

A Bit of History

An old bottle of Bud

Consumed in 1976 in the old KC Building on Dewitt

After consumption, it was signed by Council Officers and placed in a wall during remodeling.

The building was later sold to the Police Department, and they remodeled in 2018, found this bottle and returned to us.